Transformation is the process of conversion made on semi-finished flexible adhesive or not adhesive materials, to get them available in other formats

Generally, peculiar designed die-cut products or special sizes slit rolls in order to make the product suitable for customer’s application. Obviously, the final goal is to let the end-user save money and time besides to maximize the efficiency of the application processes. Along the years, BMP has been adopting a wise and continuous policy of reinvestment of its incomes in staff, production areas and, above all, in continuously updated technological equipment to respond to the increasing demand of the market.

Presently our whole equipment, real flagship of our company, is composed by:

  • 1 laser rotary die-cutting machine
  • 1 flatbed cutting plotter (oscillating blade)
  • 1 flatbed laser cutting plotter (CO2)
  • 8 slitting-rewinding machines (max width 2.450mm)
  • 4 lathes
  • 17 die-cutting machines (8 rotary machines, 7 flat-bed machines and 2 platen die-cutting machines)
  • 6 laminating/sheeting machines (max width 2.300mm)
  • 2 tape gap cutting machines
  • 1 corona treatment machine
  • 1 laser profiler (CMM)

The precision of our conversions is granted by a long-standing expertise of its own staff but also by the quality of our equipment by their constant maintenance and by the respect of the procedures. Most of our machinery are designed and customized according to the specific company production needs, considering the acquired technical know-how achieved through the huge experience in our field.

Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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