The die-cutting is the manufacture that adds further value to the adhesive products. Cutting the adhesive tapes in designed stencils we obtain an important semi-finished product, pivotal for many productive processes. The designed die-cut pieces avoid waste of materials, increase the efficacy of the adhesive and simplify its application.

The die cutting is the most complex process of converting of adhesive tapes. An efficient equipment is needed to obtain good results, as well as a prepared staff and many technical devices set up along several years of expertise in this field. BMP competence in this converting processes is a very important endowment through which our company supply its customers.

Die-cut pieces can be supplied as single pieces or kiss-cut on a roll or on a sheet. They can be created for hand or automated applications according to the customer’s productive needs. In this last case they may have a defined inter-axis and possible dowel holes for the usage with application machinery. The addition of an extender liner or of a fingerlift may favour the procedure of application.

According to the type of material, to the quantities and to the criticality of the patterns to be fulfilled, the production must be carried on using a qualified equipment. Thanks to the competence of its technicians, BMP is able to choose the best option for the conversion of each single product. 

Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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