Customised master-rolls supply

BMP can supply adhesive tapes and double sided master roll tapes, with film or paper protection liner, starting from one’s own master rolls or customer’s ones. The slitter machine opening allows lengths management up to 2200 mm. The possibility to laminate two or more starting materials permits our customers to choose among a huge range of products suitable to all application and usage conditions.

Custom designed rolls supply

BMP makes the adhesive tapes slitting as far as the minimum width of  2 mm. Rolls can be supplied in personalised lengths according to the customer’s needs. The use of updated machinery allows the manufacturing of a huge range of products, even those more critical, as for instance high thickness acrylic foams, bi-protected materials, thermoplastics, cloths, etc.

Customised sheets supply

BMP makes the adhesive tapes cut in sheets with sizes on request with a maximum width of mm 2100 and length according to specific needs of the customer. On the base of their following usage, liner – extended as well – of different materials and sizes are available.


Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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