Evaluating the purchase of a new machine, for a company, is always a complex operation: it is necessary to keep monitored productivity for many months, analyze the cost/benfit ratio with the utmost care, and above all, hope that the market is always growing.

In times of pandemic it is really difficult to make predictions for the future because we find ourselves working on altered data, in a general situation of uncertainty.

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."

Our philosophy is best expressed in Roosvelt's words: something must be done. If nothing is done, nothing changes.

The pandemic has not stopped our desire for innovation and, on the contrary, has accentuated the need for it. Today more than ever we have understood how much technology can help us in the increasingly complex and inconstant management of the largest orders.

Hence our decision to purchase another Ghezzi & Annoni rewind/cutter machine.


The new "taglierona"

Taglierona. As we call it (it means big cutting machine) because of its big size: A machine designed for cutting larger, longer and heavier rolls.

We have chosen a Ghezzi & Annoni RT800-K with semi-automatic cycle. The machine allows you to store the cutting data of each individual material at the first processing cycle. Once set, all parameters are stored and remain available for similar processes. In this way the calibration of the machine takes place manually only at the first start, from the following ones onwards, the machine sets itself automatically by recalling the data already present in the memory.The cut can take place (depending on the type of raw material or coupled) with scissors or razor blades. The impressive blade unit allows you to cut up to 40 rolls per cycle at the same time.

RT800-K can mount logs with a maximum width of 1600 mm and a diameter of 1200 mm allowing us to process large master rolls without buying them already rewound from the supplier.

The finished roll can have a diameter of 800 mm, guaranteeing the end customer still very long rolls, allowing him to work continuously for as long as possible without stopping production lines.


Here you can find a short video of the "taglierona" at work: 40 seconds in G&A


                                                             BMP Staff