The automotive market has always involved a salient part of our business and, in recent years, it has become essential to implement our Quality Management System by focusing more on process optimization, monitoring, prevention and reduction of waste and on traceability.

Following our natural tendency to change, and with the firm will to improve our quality standards, for some time we have begun to evaluate the achievement of the IATF Certification.

As soon as all the preliminary analyzes were completed, we felt ready to take this path… when Covid surprised us.

We found ourselves at a crossroads: postpone or try? Waiting for better times or accepting this challenge anyway?

In BMP it is not unusual to hear a phrase by Philip Kotler echoing (in the corridors, in production, in the meeting rooms), which sound, more or less, like this: “There are two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear”. So, despite the pandemic and the many difficulties, we decided to continue. We have chosen to move forward, to evolve.

It wasn't easy. The IATF certification is not an easy business to manage even in moments of maximum calm and serenity, not even when you can rely on all your means and all your staff, let alone during a pandemic.

But, with pride, we can say that we have made it: we have achieved IATF 16949 certification.

We like to see it, however, not as a finish line but as a new starting point: at every moment we will have to prove that we deserve this great recognition; every day we will have to improve a little more to always be on top; every year we will have to work a little better than the previous one.

We can't wait!

                                                                                                                                                                               BMP Staff