The growth of a company is linked to many factors: the investment policy, the purchase of innovative machinery, the improvement of manufacturing processes, the expansion of production sites and much more.

The success of a company is mainly due to its people.
Yes, it seems like the usual masterclass that you read in those books with dreamlike titles in the style of "How to become a successful entrepreneur in 10 days": those where they explain to you that happy employees are more productive and that if you pay them well enough they will not give in to advances of your competitor remaining, practically, faithful to life.

Well, for us, it is something more.

The inclusion of a new person in the workforce opens up endless possibilities: ideas, skills, knowledge, experience, intuition available to everyone. When this relationship is consolidated, very long-lasting collaborations are born. Collaborations that we recognize and honor.

And so we wanted to organize a surprise for our most… loyal employees!

Last week we all got together and rewarded the guys who spent 10, 15 and… 20 years of their life with us.

We thank all our employees who carry out their work every day with passion and commitment, who have stood firm in this difficult period of pandemic and uncertainty and with whom we hope to achieve many goals.

It really needs to be said: Many happy returns!




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BMP Staff