In these long years spent in the world of adhesives we have seen the needs of customers change becoming more and more peculiar.

At the beginning there were the cuts, then the die-cutting, finally the customized liners arrived… and today? Today, the assembly is the real protagonist.

The production of die-cut adhesive tapes is aimed at applying them to well-defined details. Generally this step is done by the final customer when the piece is assembled, however, more and more often, we are asked that the double-sided tapes are already positioned "ready to use".
First of all, because the positioning of the double-sided tape on the details could cause problems:
- Dirty or unprepared surface
- Improper handling (inadequate ambient temperature, lack of pressure, creation of air bubbles between the adhesive and the surface, contamination of the tape during the removal of the liner ...)
- Incorrect application (difficulty in centering the adhesive in a precise point)
To this list must be added a very important value for the customer: the cost of labor.
And from our point of view? In these 30 long years we have happened to suspect a malfunction of the double-sided tape which then turned out to be a mere problem of positioning of the same.
To overcome all these problems, a few months ago we started working on a machine that was able to place the double-sided tape on the parts so that they can be supplied to the customer ready for use.

The "Pick & place machine" was developed specifically for BMP and is able to couple the parts supplied by the customer with the double-sided adhesive thanks to a state-of-the-art optical centering system.
Its operation is quite simple: The roll with the die-cut double-sided adhesive enters the machine where, by means of the rollers, it is peeled and dragged, at the same time the dispenser begins to direct the customer's details inside the channels.
The pieces are guided until reaching the manipulator which, thanks to an excellent combination of lifting and pressing, picks them up and places them on the die-cut tape. The manipulator is able to move linearly and rotate as well as recognize the presence / absence of the double-sided tape.
At the end of this process is obtained a roll of silicone paper on which the various details are located, in a row, one after the other.
At this point, a sharp guillotine will proceed with the shearing of the paper, leaving the finished pieces easily peeled and ready for use.
The speed of execution allows us to offer the customer the assembled part, ready for use, at significantly reduced costs compared to those incurred with a manual application.
The precision in the assembly guarantees the perfect application of the double-sided tape on the part, completely eliminating any problems related to its positioning on the piece.

The work cycle is programmable and adaptable to many types of application and supply.


 BMP Team