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BMP offers its customers a wide and a very articulated range of products as a result of years of cooperation with the most important adhesives and adhesive tapes producers in the world.

Thanks to the strengthened presence in the most different fields of the market, BMP has ripened a very important expertise in the choice of suitable adhesive solutions among those proposed by the most famous and important world producers. The field of adhesive tapes and of glues nowadays includes thousands of different items. What does make the difference among these adhesive systems? Is it necessary to have so many products to bond materials?

Every application requires a specific adhesive

The answer is simple. There are variables, in the processes involving adhesives, whose combination opens to endless records: the nature of materials, the chemical composition, the physical state, the ageing resistance, the finishing, the stress properties, the working temperature, the operating temperature, the workload, etc. If to these variables we add those ones relevant to productive processes, to design, to marketing, we can realize that there will never be just one kind of adhesive suitable to all the possible applications.

Adhesive products are several

It is in this articulated context that the project managers’ work, the technicians’ and the designers’ one of the companies has to be supported by the raw materials and semi-finished products suppliers’ chain. In the last decades the producers of adhesives have developed more and more specific and efficient products for all the situations of application. As a leading company, BMP offers its customers the entire know-how needed to choose the proper product and to use it accurately. Whatever could be your need, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to give you precise answers and to supply you with the right product.

Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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