The double-sided adhesive tapes have a wide usage in all the manufacturing and handcraft fields as for processes of assembly, mounting and lamination

The double-sided adhesive tapes are constituted by a carrier coated on both its sides with a layer of glue protected by a liner. The transfer tapes are an exception. Being carrierless, they look like a simple glue layer coated on a protective liner. The range of double-sided adhesive tapes is widely articulated and it includes specific products about lots of fields. This polyhedricity is due to the variety of existing adhesives, of the carriers and to the fact that the coating can be differentiated for both the sides of the tape, generating “asymmetrical” items with optimized performances for the bonding of the substrates, even if very different between them.

The double-sided adhesive tapes offer always new creative opportunities

Using double-sided adhesive tapes it is possible to laminate and to couple lots of different materials, modifying their characteristics. Double-sided adhesive tapes multiply the opportunities and support creativity.

Clean use, simplicity and flexibility in assembly operations

Double-sided adhesive tapes – opposite to the usage of glues – allow clean and prompt movable assemblies, giving a further possibility to get semi-finished products. Compared to the mechanical fixing, they allow to spread the tensile strengths all over the bonded surfaces, eliminating the weak points. Moreover, operations of drilling, welding, riveting, etc. could be avoided because they would compromise their display and they would bring the joints to be more fragile.

In this way the effect of labor, the chance of mistake and the number of required tools are reduced, making the work more simple.


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