Single-sided adhesive tapes are a range of products extraordinarily articulated

Single-side adhesive tapes are formed by a carrier coated just on one side. This range includes a huge variety of carriers which are coated with many different adhesives, able to fit to the most various substrates and to the most disparate usage situations.

The peculiar characteristics of the single-sided adhesive tapes

The application of the single-sided adhesive tape can be temporary or permanent. It is sometimes permanent: the outer layer of the tape remains visible and displayed and, along its service life, it must be able to keep its esthetical and functional characteristics. It is often temporary: difficulties increase because no trace of its previous presence should remain after its removal. These aspects of their usage are very important. They contribute to get complex the choice of the proper product together with the variety of surfaces and of environmental situations. This is why the single-sided adhesive range is so much articulated.

How to select the right single-sided adhesive tape?

You have so many variables which lead to the choice of a single-sided adhesive tape: the color of the tape and its surface finish, its possible sunlight, humidity or rain exposure, or even the tensile strength exerted during its application.


Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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