Special adhesive tapes include products that, due to the carrier and/or the adhesive used to produce them, own different characteristics from those of the common single and double-sided tapes categories. Special adhesive tapes include:

Heat-activated adhesive tapes

These tapes may have structural performances and be used instead of structural adhesives for permanent and clean bondings in the industrial processes. They have at least one inert side, not adhesive at room temperature. This side can be activated with a solvent or through a pre-heating at medium temperatures.
There are hot-melt nature heat-activated ones whose adhesive bondings are reversible if undergone to high temperatures, even after their application. These products are defined as reactivables. Other ones cannot be reactivated anymore because the crosslinking is achieved through a thermosetting process and the following heating is no more able to melt the bonds: If the temperature is furtherly increased the adhesive sublimates and the bond breaks. Thermosettings, thanks to their characteristics to originate structural bonds, are used when high performances are required. Among the main applications, we find: smart-cards microchip bonding, splices of critical materials (fiberglass, bitumen membranes), splices of materials very different between them (metal sheet/glass, gaskets/metal sheet, etc.).

Thermal-conductive adhesive tapes

Heat loss is a key factor for electronic devices design and manufacturing. The working temperature determines the reliability, the useful life and the performances of the components themselves and therefore of the whole device. Heat conduction from any device to its relative heat sink is conditioned by the contact surface. Thermo-conductive double sided adhesives are an efficient alternative to adhesive conductive pastes, compared to which they are more simple and quicker in terms of application, allowing a more homogeneous heat conduction (for instance high power LED lamps, Led TV, laptops, tablets, etc.).Inside this range, BMP proposes either the acrylic foam version and the thinner version, with a polyester carrier, more easily die-cuttable. Other characteristics and advantages of thermo conductive double-sided adhesive tapes:

  • rapidity of assembly manufacturing of heat sinks;
  • they require less qualified labor;
  • devices don’t get dirty;
  • readiness and simplicity of usage;
  • affordable cost.

Antifriction adhesive tapes

These single sided adhesive tapes present a low skin-friction coefficient, thanks to their special Teflon (PTFE), polyimide, polysiloxane cloth, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composition. They are perfect for all flat and cylindrical surfaces antifriction covers. They offer a high resistance to chemical aggressions as well. They were designed mainly for:

  • avoiding use and adherence;
  • bearing high friction and rubbings;
  • reducing equipment and machinery noise levels;
  • chemical deterioration of manufacturing.

Self-amalgamating tapes

The main characteristic of this typology of products – which are presently available in PIB (polyisobutylene), EPR (ethylene-propylene) or silicone – is not to be adhesive. Nevertheless, if correctly tensed during their application, they self-amalgamate, changing in a compact mass, similar to a rubber membrane. These materials - thanks to their capacity of electrical insulation, resistance to aging, resistance to ozone and to extended immersion to water - are used:

  • for less critical applications as in the sailing and motorbike sports in addition to gardening and do it yourself market, in general.
  • for the protection of joints from salty water in marine applications (submersible pumps);
  • for the watertight seal of telecommunications cables;
  • in the electrical field for the reconstruction of the sheaths of low or medium tension electrical cables;


Frequently the employ of adhesive tapes accelerates manufactures that - on the contrary- would require much time: this is the case of the sealings in site, normally realized with silicone sealants or butyl sealants in cartdrige. BMP completes its own range of sealants with mono-adhesive acrylic foams which are applied in a simple and rapid way. Moreover, they do not require waiting times for the drying and seal immediately and definitively drainpipes, flashings, skylights and windows, protecting them furtherly from weather agents. Another very interesting field of application for these foams is the sealing of the loading beds of the trucks. The mono-adhesive sealant acrylic foams are available in the following colours: white, black and grey. Thickness: 1 or 2 mm.

Repulpable adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes, with the characteristics of melting if plunged in liquids. They can be constituted by a non-woven carrier, by paper, or in some cases they don’t have any carrier. All the components of the product – carrier, adhesive and sometimes liner – must be soluble. They are mainly employed for the realization of joints on paper pulp in paper making industry fields and in the field of publishing.

Anti-scratch adhesive tapes


If necessary, a surface can be protected from scratches and little bumps, covering it with a thin transparent Polyurethane film or with UHMV Polyethylene film, invisible and discreet.BMP offers a huge range of single-sided adhesive Polyurethane, available in different thicknesses and patterns and furtherly die-cuttable in the shape requested by the customer.These products have been developed for the car bodies of cars and motorbikes. They are easily applicable and protect the surfaces from scratches and abrasions. The ones pertaining to the last generation are even regenerating.

Flexographic adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes that can be rigid or cushioning foam based, used for printing photopolymer mounting (plates) on sleeves or metallic cylinders. The rigid ones, constituted by a PP or PVC carrier, must keep the plates permanently bonded during the printing process but, at the same time, grant their easy, quick and clean removal. They are available in three thicknesses (100, 200 and 300 microns) to compensate the small differences of the metric development of the print. Presently, the usage of rigid double-sided adhesive tapes is more and more limited and mainly for the printing of labels and corrugated cardboard.  On the contrary, when a superior printing quality is required, cushioning double sided-foam adhesive tapes are employed. They have got the characteristic to compensate the different hardnesses and thicknesses of the plates.  This category of foams is generally available in two thicknesses (0.38mm and 0.50mm) and in several hardnesses (mainly: soft, medium and hard). It is mostly used in flexible packaging printing processes but its usage is consolidating in the labels and paper printing market too.

Electrically conductive adhesive tapes: they have the characteristic to conduct electric energy.

  • Electrically conductive single-sided adhesive tapes: they have got a metallic film carrier, normally copper or aluminum, coated with an adhesive containing metallic particles able to create an electrical connection between the carrier of the tape and of the substrate on which it is applied. They conduct on three axis: X, Y and Z.
  • Electrically conductive double-sided adhesive tapes: technically, they are transfer tapes which owe the capacity to conduct to the presence of fibers or metallic particles within the adhesive mass. Those ones containing a kind of plotted fibers (a kind of scrim or non-woven) conduct on three axis. Those ones containing spherical particles conduct exclusively on the Z axis, namely in the orthogonal direction towards the application plane of the tape. 

Dielectric adhesive tapes

It is a wide range of single-side adhesive tapes employed in electro-technical and electro-mechanical fields. According to the type of carrier and, above all, of the adhesive, which compose them, these products are divided in thermal insulation classes. To stabilize adhesive tapes to their service temperature or to their thermal class, the adhesives can be partially or completely cross-linkable, in order to supply the best temperature resistance and a better resistance to solvents and paints. The rubber based adhesives – when completely cross-linked – allow a better resistance to aging and a higher resistance to solvents and paints. Acrylic adhesives are wholly cross-linked and improve the aging resistance despite of their low tack. The silicone ones supply the highest temperature resistance and can be cleanly removed. As a result, we have:

  • Class A insulation (up to 105°C)
    • Carriers: acetate, cotton.
    • Typology of the adhesive: thermo-setting.
  • Class B insulation (up to 130°C)
    • Carriers: polyester, glass reinforced polyester, mylar, glass cloth.
    • Typology of the adhesive: thermo-setting rubber or solvent acrylic.
  • Class F insulation (up to 155°C)
    • Carriers: polyester, glass reinforced polyester, polyimide, Nomex®, Nomex® laminated with other materials like PET, glass cloth or glass fibers.
    • Typology of adhesive: solvent acrylic, thermo-setting (for Nomex® only).
  • Class H insulation (up to 180°C)
    • Carriers: glass cloth, Kapton®, teflon (PTFE).
    • Typology of adhesive: silicone.

Dielectric adhesive tapes are mainly used:

  • in harnessing;
  • in bundling of copper coils and cables terminals;
  • in steam pipeline wrapping;
  • for wrapping of condensers;
  • for different types of weldings;
  • for the phase insulation of the electric engines;
  • for the protection of cable leads;
  • in the production of printed circuit boards, as masking, in the gold plating and wave soldering of the electronic components. 

Anti-slip adhesive tapes

It is well known that slippings, trippings and falls are often cause of regrettable accidents in the domestic and public environment. Stairs, steps, ramps, showers and changing rooms are potential areas of risks and provoke, as a consequence, painful falls and injuries which load on the managing costs. To avoid these problems, BMP offers a complete range of products suitable for manifold surfaces and situations. The anti-slip tapes are available for smooth, rough, regular, irregular, slippy or wet surfaces either for naked or shod feet. They grant their resistance either indoor or outdoor and also in adverse environmental situations such as very wet and hot places (saunas), damp ones (swimming-pools borders, thermal baths, showers) and very popular ones (public transports, hospitals..). A further category of anti-slip adhesive tapes is the grip one. Many working tools or sport equipment are produced with materials which do not allow to be grasped safely and comfortably. The structure of grip adhesive tapes links characteristics of comfort and adherence favoring safe grasps. These tapes are composed of a very strong adhesive, suitable for any kind of substrate, even for low energy surfaces ones.

Reflecting and fluorescent adhesive tapes

Reflecting adhesive tapes are made with a filmic carrier coated by microprisms or reflecting microspheres. They are used to increase night visibility of obstacles, road vehicles, special clothes. They are used for the production of road signs too.  According to their use, the compliance to specific regulations (e.g. ECE/ONU 48 e 104, ECE/ONU 70, DIN 30710, TPSCE etc.) for these tapes is required. Fluorescent adhesive tapes are able to store light radiations and to reemit them in conditions of low visibility. They are used for the temporary identification of obstacles as for example in situations of emergency evacuation following a black-out.

Tamper evident adhesive tapes

Tamper evident adhesive tapes are special single-sided ones used in each case in which it is necessary to leave traces of the occurred tampering on the boxes and they are a valid alternative to packaging tapes. They are constituted by a transparent filmic carrier, coated with a pigmented adhesive from which the finished tape color stems. This adhesive has got the characteristic to be not so strongly anchored to its carrier. This is why, after its application, in case of an attempt of detaching the tape, the adhesive remains on the box surface displaying clearly the occurred violation. Tamper evident adhesive tapes can be also customized with the name of the company or with a sign that may warn the addressee’s package whenever he might receive it not sealed.


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