They are tapes constituted by plastic materials or synthetic fibers shaped in order to get protruding parts which fit among them. This products may have male-female configuration in which both the surfaces to be joined are different one from the other, or male-male in which the surface is just one. The most common systems have got well-known labels and registered brands: DUAL- LOCK®, SCOTCHMATE®, VELCRO®. When OPEN/CLOSE fixing systems are used?

  • In all the display situations in which a rapid positioning and removing of signs, curtains, covers, panels, padding is necessary;
  • In light paneling, whatever is the function, in the architectural field, in the building field or on means of transport in order to allow the easy removal and repositioning;
  • In the panel positioning for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and filtering systems;
  • In comfort padding for seats set up in public environments or on means of transport as well as in the office and house interior design field;
  • In leisure and work technical clothes as well as for strings, laces and buttons for zipping and regulations and for the positioning of added movable protections.


Anti-shock adhesive bumpers are realized in anti-slip and anti-scratch plastic materials. Their adhesive side favors  an easy and rapid application. Adhesive bumpers are used as anti-slip supporting pins, anti-vibrators, spacers. They absorbe shocks, noise and vibrations. Felter variants allow the slippering, keeping protective and anti-scratch properties. To ensure the adhesion on all possible substrates the bumpers are available with a natural rubber, acrylic or hot melt adhesive. 3M Bumpons™ are part of this product family. They are adhesive polyurethane anti-shock bumpers in different sizes, constituted by a tridimensional shaping which confers additional design or functional characteristics. They have got excellent anti-slip, anti-vibrations and anti-scratch properties. The polyurethane itself is available in logs too – in colored or transparent variants - in order to be converted into customized anti-slip protections.


Flock are products used to realize profiles and anti-friction and/or anti-scratch components. They are available in several qualities and colors for their use as gaskets or finishing covers (for example in automotive market).


The adhesive strength of a tape can be affected by different factors, such as the types of materials, their porosity, roughness, the application temperature and cleanness too. Among the different usable solvents for cleaning and degreasing of the application surfaces, the most suitable one is a liquid product – isopropyl alcohol based – for a handle usage, available either in single-dose wipes and in bottles. Even if accurately degreased, the low surface energy substrates show a low receptivity to adhesive bonds. To set these materials for bonding, adhesion promoters are employed whenever it is not possible to use physical systems (abrasion, corona or plasma treatment). These products are specific formulation chemicals, supplied in a liquid form, which create a molecular layer able to link to the adhesive when applied to surfaces. Among the most known products, BMP promotes:

  • 3M Primer 4298UV: for general purposes, detectable if exposed to UV rays;
  • 3M Primer 94: ideal for plastics. Available in several formats among which the 0.66 ml “cigarette”;
  • 3M Silane Glass Primer: specific for glass. It removes moisture responsible for the detachment of the adhesive.


Sometimes, to get easy and quick the application of single and double-sided adhesive tapes, specific devices may be used. BMP has got dispensers:

  • manual ones for single-sided adhesive tapes (with and without liner);
  • manual ones for transfer-reverse (3M Scotch® ATG 700);
  • manual table ones which allow the use of parts of the adhesive tape with just one hand. There are versions with a multiple loader;
  • table semi-automatic ones which cut tapes to size.


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