They are adhesive tapes with a paper carrier and an adhesive mass coated on one of their two sides. The kind of used paper, its finishing and its thickness basically determine the mechanical characteristics of the tapes as for instance its conformability, its resistance to abrasion and to tensile strength.

For these tapes the adhesive makes the difference: adhesive masses in synthetic or natural rubber, acrylic ones and silicone ones, determine the degree of resistance to temperature and of product removability in most of the applications. Within its wide range of products, BMP has got the following paper single-sided adhesive tapes:

  • smooth paper;
  • semi-creped paper;
  • creped paper;
  • impregnated paper;
  • rice paper.

The main single-sided adhesive tapes applications are:

  • Permanent applications:
  • splicing;
  • marking;
  • identification;
  • packaging;
  • decoration. 
  • Temporary applications (adhesive residue-free removal):
  • masking (for instance stencil, sandblasting, micro-shot peening and painting);
  • protection;
  • warning;
  • third-hand.


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