They are adhesive tapes constituted by a cloth carrier available in raw or waterproof version.

The raw adhesive tapes (cotton, rayon, polyester, acetate, etc.) have got the advantage to be extremely conformable, resistant to abrasion and to corrosion, whereas the waterproof cloth adhesive tapes are divided into poly-coated and lacquered. The cloth is laminated to a polyethylene film in the poly-coated items, whereas in the lacquered ones – more performing compared to the poly-coated items – the cloth itself is coated by an acrylic glaze layer. The main characteristics of this kind of products are the good resistance to abrasion, the high tack and adhesion, the flexibility, the easy unwrapping, the variety of available colors, without forgetting the ease to be hand-torn.

The main single-sided adhesive tape applications are:

  • splices;
  • mendings;
  • air-conditioning ducts sealings;
  • fixing;
  • strengthening;
  • packaging;
  • masking;
  • identification;
  • cabling (automotive and white-goods industry).


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