It’s probably one of the hugest products family within the single-sided adhesive tapes. Considering the varieties of the carriers (PVC, polyethylene, polyester, polyurethane, EPDM, melamine, silicone, EVA etc.), the densities, the thicknesses, the colors the typology of adhesive, this class of items is, in theory, endless.

According to the application, BMP develops product compounds able to solve the most sophisticated problems.

This range of products, thanks to the foams physical-chemical characteristics, is used for all the sealing, filling, insulation, protection, soundproofing and cushioning applications.

The single-sided adhesive foam tapes are cheap, easy and fast to be applied, versatile, conformable and, compared to glues and sealants, they don’t dirt and they don’t require curing time.

They can be converted in a wide variety of formats among which logs, rolls, spools, sheets, gaskets, washers or any other custom-made pad.

Among the main single-sided adhesive foam tapes applications we list:

  • dust, air or water seals (window fixtures, doors, flanges);
  • “open-close” (in this case with fixed PET liner);
  • padding;
  • masking (during sand-blasting operations);
  • soundproofing.


Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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