Double-sided acrylic foam tapes conform better to critical surfaces

The acrylic adhesive foam tapes have peculiar characteristics due to their molecular structure. Compared to any other carrier, the acrylic foam is a single viscoelastic mass, able to adapt and to stick to the irregularities of substrates, increasing the points of contact between the adhesive and the surfaces generating structural bondings.

The double-sided acrylic foam adhesive tapes replace mechanical fixings as rivets, screws and weldings in structural joints

Thanks to their density - normally included between 300 and 900 kg/m3 - the acrylic adhesive foam tapes are capable of offering a high resistance to physical stresses such as shear adhesion and tensile strength. The double-sided tape distributes the workloads and the mechanical stresses in the joints on a bigger surface compared to mechanical fixings. This ensures a better resistance to mechanical stresses and improves the mechanical qualities of the joined substrates. This enables the acrylic foams to replace the mechanical fixings, eliminating holes which weaken materials exposing them to corrosion.

Acrylic foam tapes are suitable for any kind of environmental condition

The double-sided acrylic adhesive foams resist to atmospheric agents and, thanks to their viscoelastic properties, they compensate thermal expansions. Their molecular structure makes them impregnable to common solvents and detergents. The acrylic foams are also available in clear versions that are yellowing resistant. These last ones are used for invisible joints of crystal materials like glass, optical polycarbonate and Plexiglas.

Double-sided acrylic foam tapes absorbe vibrations and damp the stresses generated by peak loads

The intrinsic flexibility of the acrylic adhesive foam tapes is a fundamental property because, contrary to mechanical fixings, it makes the joints elastic improving their resistance to vibrations and peak loads.

Among the most relevant applications, we list:

  • fixing;
  • bonding;
  • seal;
  • assembly.


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