Today BMP distributes, converts and markets single and double sided adhesive tapes for all the industrial usages and applications, structural bonding systems, single and bi-component adhesives and related dosage and application systems.

Which is our way to offer our customers the best possible service? To listen to them!

There is always an adhesive tape or a glue to solve a fixing or a bonding problem.BMP is able to lead you towards the choice of the most suitable products according to your needs.

Precise rules are needed to use adhesives

In order to get perfect and long-term guaranteed bondings, all the technical aspects have to be carefully assessed. Therefore, it is pivotal to consider the thickness, the density, the adhesive composition, the kind of carrier and of liner, the surface that has to be bonded and, above all the application conditions – temperature resistance, physical, chemical, weather agents-.

BMP is a partner coaching your business

In BMP you can find a partner alert to your needs, able to address you towards the best solution which can fit you, avoiding a waste of time and useless costs. We are able to answer quickly to your requests and to offer you free samples to be tested. Our problem solving orientation is part of our policy and it is our main commitment.

BMP is a partner that supports your business

Ask us for a solution and we will provide for rapid response times and free samples of which test the & rsquo; effectiveness. Our approach to problem solving is part of our nature and our indelible trademark.

What are our services?

Below is a list of all the activities that we can perform for you.

Being able to rely on a sheltered 2,500 square meters warehouse, BMP is able to manage the raw materials flow and its storage in order to quickly respond to all the supply needs of our customers. Hundreds of standard items are available among single and double sided adhesive tapes for general purpose applications, in logs, slit rolls, sheets, spools or even tailored as per customers’ requests. Glues, structural adhesives and dispensers complete the range of the products on prompt delivery.

The importance of adhesive solutions in the industrial production processes is often ignored. It is possible to obtain amazing results using adhesives. An adhesive tape or a glue appear to be simple products. To get a suitable joint, the simultaneous presence of peculiar factors is indeed requested, as the choice of the proper adhesive, the preparation of the surfaces to be bonded, but above all, the format through which the adhesive solution is proposed. The chemical-physical characteristics will refer to the chosen adhesive product. Nevertheless, the modality of application and the final characteristics of the bonding will mostly depend on the way in which the above mentioned adhesive will be used and on its previous possible preparation as a die-cut format.

The conversion of adhesive tapes in die-cuts is the added value of our manufacturing

The equipment on our disposal allows us to execute all the transformation phases of single and double adhesive tapes, even to obtain complex semifinished products. The adhesive product so obtained contributes to the quality of the productive process of our company, simplyfing the project steps and improving the manufacturing standards.

We are an important distributor on which the adhesive tapes manufacturers can rely for key projects whereas even very complex die-cuts or semifinished products implementation is requested, also in case different phases of transformation are needed. This is why we are also able to be a partner cooperating with the main adhesive producers dealing with variations of product to satisfy better our customers’ needs.

Special customized products

Even if huge, the standard range cannot satisfy all the specific applications requested by the market. The realization of an ad hoc product is needed with different characteristics, namely the liner nature or thickness, the initial tack of the adhesive or the carrier tensile strength. If you need a product with special properties, we can work together to develop it.

There is a technical office with IT systems which interface with the common design software for our customers. We have a plotter and a laser die-cut  machine in our equipment. They allow us to cut fitted adhesive tapes, realizing trial or limited range die-cuts to get manufacturing tests or for little runs.

BMP has got its own warehouse where raw materials are stocked – rolls and logs single and double adhesive tapes – waiting for third party conversion operations. This warehouse is available for our customers with proper supplying channels and who may need a partner able to coach part of their productive process.

BMP is one of the few companies in the field to be structured with a sale team technically trained, able to interact with the customer, offering its own support in the choice of the best and less expensive solution. The application conditions, the workload and the weather exposure can compromise the bonding or the assembly realized with an adhesive product, affecting the final result reached through planning costs and a tough work. BMP staff is perfectly able to evaluate the bonding or the industrial assembly difficulties orienting the customer towards the most suitable choices among the huge amount of existing products.

BMP is able to give further information on the adhesive products performances under usage conditions, integrating contents reported on manufacturers’ technical data sheets.

Are you looking for a specific adhesive for a special application?

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